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28. June 2019

Rundschau, 27. June 2019

Bezirksrundschau (a local newspaper), 27.06.2019

Translation of the article...

"Holzmann Maschinen GmbH, the global wholesale company for woodworking, metalworking and sheet metal working machines and workshop equipment, with branches in Haslach, Schlüßlberg, Eisleben (DE) and Qingdao (CN) succeeded last year not only in gaining market share in the European core markets but was also able to achieve considerable success in exporting to countries such as Russia, Dubai, Bolivia, Ukraine, Jordan and Thailand.

Managing Director DI (FH) Daniel Schörgenhuber sees these successes above all in the great performance of all employees, the good teamwork, increased quality standards, high stock availability and the newly developed spare parts warehouse (about 12,000 parts in stock) as well as the presence at international trade fairs such as Hanover, Moscow, Dubai, Kiev, Amman, Brno or Poznan. The broad sales structure, consisting of specialist and online retailers as well as DIY stores, also contributes significantly to the growth of the company.

Regional products of Holzmann Maschinen GmbH can be ordered at all Lagerhaus, Hornbach, Obi and "Let's do it" markets for example. To continue this growth, the company is always looking for new employees."

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