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Complaint notification form (for dealers & distributors)

Please send us the following informations:
  • detailed error description
    (What is the problem / defect; detailed error description of the problem; what caused the problem / defect, or what was the last action before you noticed the problem / defect).
  • Copy of Invocie (Upload as PDF or Image)
  • Pictures where we can see the problem (Upload)
  • Serial Number of the machin (according type-plate)
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ATTENTION: Single attachments are only possible up to á 10 MB! The total upload is possible up to 20 MB.

Information for end users:
As an end customer, you can unfortunately not register your complaint directly. Please contact your contractual partner or dealer from whom you purchased the machine.

Spare parts request

Spare parts request form

Spare parts requests under warranty can only be answered with an enclosed copy of the purchase receipt, production number of the machine (see type plate) and a photo of the defective component!
NOTE: Single attachments are only possible up to á 5 MB!
Please enter the spare part numbers according to the exploded drawing in the "Error description" text field. You will find the exploded drawing / parts list in the operating manual of your machine.
This makes identification easier for us and enables faster processing!
In the event of a warranty claim, please provide a detailed description of the fault.
  • What caused the defect of the spare part in question or what was the last activity performed before you noticed the problem/defect?
  • In case of electrical defects - has the machine been checked by a certified electrician?
Incomplete forms cannot be processed!
Thank you for your assistance!