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Spare part requirements under warranty can only be processed with an enclosed copy of the proof of purchase! Put your spare parts order with a copy of the relevant pages from the exploded diagram and the parts list and mark your required parts at them. This simplifies the identification of the needed parts and allows for a much faster execution!

Infos we need:
  • What has caused the defect or what was the last activity carried out before you noticed the problem/defect ?
  • For electrical problems: Has the machine been tested by a certified electrician?
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There is no CEE-plug in the delivery of a 400V machine.
Alle 400V Maschinen

Most 400V machines are delivered without a plug, because these machines have to be connected by the user itself in an electric clockwise rotating field during commissioning.

A suitable 16A or 32A CEE plug also can be acquired as an optional accessory.
(order number: 10003398)

The slave machine (exhaust system) does not start, although the master machine is switched.

Please check the On/Off switch of the dust collection machine. If the is a magnet switch it must be bridged or replaced by a mechanical switch. 

Boards are not pulled in properly when thicknessing planing.

Check if there is enough lubricant on the thicknesser table. The boards are not pulled in without lubricant.  If enough lubricant is used and the boards are still not drawn in, check the pressure of the finfeed rollers. The pressure of the feed roller (mostly corrugated) and the extraction roller (mostly rubberized) can be adjusted by adjusting screws from above (most Allen screws). 

Bad planing result / planing image

Planing knives must be sharpened and correctly adjusted. The planing knives must all protrude equally from the planing shaft. Lubricant must be applied to the surfaces.  The finfeed rate must be selected to match the chip removal. The chip removal must be selected to match the processed wood. In the case of very soft woods, the pressure of the finfeed rollers should also be checked.

Can a component not be assigned, or can something be left over? U-shaped or red elongated component?

All planing machines are supplied with a free planing knife setting gauge as standard, but in most cases this is not mentioned in the instructions. This is a U-shaped, longitudinally bent component.

Machine does not start, or runs only as long as you keep the green button pressed while the switch.

Please check the safety devices of the machine. There are 2 keys (1-2 according to the exploded view) on the extraction hood which must be pressed in completely - a "click noise" must be heard when actuating. All other microswitches must be free of wood dust and operated (dressing table, extraction hood).

You have a 400V machine and the engine gets hot or shuts off after a short time?

Please check the connection of the machine. There must be 3 phases and grounding connected -  there is no neutral conductor on this machine! (the light blue cable is one phase).

Dressing tables do not run parallel / in alignment with each other

The dressing tables should be preset at the factory to align with each other. If this is not the case, the tables can be adjusted using the hinges or conical bolts. You are welcome to request step-by-step instructions from Holzmann Customer Service (

Can shank cutters/routers be used with different intakes?

A 12mm collet chuck is supplied as standard. You can buy optional 10mm, 8mm and 6mm collets for 19,90 € incl. VAT. Order-Number: FS160LSPZ-12/10/8/6 

Can attachments such stops are ordered in different lengths?
table and panel saws

No! The company Holzmann Maschinen Holzmann Maschinen can only offer stops, sliding tables and all types of attachments as original components in the standard dimensions.

The machine loses a lot of power
table and panel saws

Please check the belt tension. Tension the drive belt after a few hours of operation.

Does the table/panel saw have to be assembled and adjusted?
table and panel saws

Yes, all circular saws are supplied in several packages. The machine must be assembled, adjusted and commissioned independently.

What do you have to adjust with circular saws?
table and panel saws

The main casting table should be preset at the factory for each circular saw - otherwise it must be set so that the T-slots are parallel to the saw blade. The sizing disk carriage (if present) must be set exactly parallel to the table or saw blade. The distance between the sliding carriage and the cast iron table must remain the same over the entire length. All stops must also be mounted at the correct angle to the saw blade.

Extraction system has no power?
dust collectors

If you have a 400V machine, first check the direction of rotation. The direction of rotation can be corrected by reversing the polarity (phase change). Please check whether the suction hose or the safety grille prescribed by CE on the fan housing is blocked.  Extraction systems with particularly high output must not be reduced too much. These units are designed to suck a very large amount of air through a thick hose with a relatively low negative pressure. If the reduction is too strong, e.g. 100mm to 40mm, the suction power collapses and is then no longer sufficient to operate smaller devices dust-free. However, one can help oneself with a second connection through which external air is sucked in.

Is it possible to connect his hand-held power tools to a suction system using a thin hose?
dust collectors

Unfortunately this does not work. These units are designed to suck a very large amount of air through a thick hose at a relatively low vacuum. If the hose diameter is reduced too much, for example from 100 mm to 27 mm, the suction power collapses. It is then no longer sufficient to operate hand circular saws, routers or grinding machines dust-free.

Can wood dust be extracted?
dust collectors

Only with an appropriate fine dust filter e.g. ABSFF1 or ABSFF2. These filter particles from 1μm, which would correspond to filter class M5.

Are you able to suck in other materials such as e.g. PVC or metals?
dust collectors

The company Holzmann Maschinen GmbH grants the function only for wood chips or wood dust. If other materials such as PVC are sucked off, Holzmann Maschinen GmbH cannot assume any warranty. For any kind of metal we recommend the metal extraction system MABS750.

Which filter class correspond to the extraction systems?
dust collectors

All extraction systems from Holzmann Maschinen GmbH are not certified with regard to filter classes and are therefore not subdivided into filter classes. Our extraction systems are designed for the extraction of wood chips and can be equipped with a fine dust filter (ABSFF1, ABSFF2) for fine dust.  There is a separate FAQ regarding the permissible use.

May the extraction systems be used commercially?
dust collectors

Companies which are under a trade supervision are not allowed to use these extraction systems in closed rooms. Unclassified extraction systems must be located in open spaces and can be connected to the machines by means of a pipe (hose / pipe).

Is it possible to use the router table also for other non Holzmann routers?

YES! The supplied template can be adapted for each machine or the drill holes for the machine must be drilled into the template.

How to mount the router correctly?

The router is screwed to the supplied black/yellow/red template. The drill holes must be drilled by yourself.  As standard, no screws are supplied for mounting, these must be selected according to the brand and ordered externally.

Machine does not start or only runs when the switch is pressed.
SB4115N SB3116RMN SB 162VN SB4116HM SB4116HN SB3116RHN SB2516H SB4132LR SB4132SM

Please check the security devices of the machine. The belt cover must be completely closed - the plate bracket must actuate the microswitch. The spindle guard must be correctly mounted and folded in. A "click noise" must be heard when folding in.

How precise is the concentricity?
SB4115N SB3116RMN SB 162VN SB4116HM SB4116HN SB3116RHN SB2516H SB4132LR SB4132SM

0.07mm -> measured on the fully extended main spindle

What if the concentricity exceeds the tolerance value?
SB4115N SB3116RMN SB 162VN SB4116HM SB4116HN SB3116RHN SB2516H SB4132LR SB4132SM

Please check which parts cause the unbalance. In most cases the unbalance is caused by the drill chuck or from the mandrel/taper which have nothing to do with the machine.

Which gear oil is used?
Drehmaschinen Fräsmaschinen

For all turning and milling machines from our product range, a viscous oil with the viscosity ISO220 (e.g. GOE5L) or a comparable SAE140 oil is to be used. Colloquially we talk about fluid grease or gear glue - because these oils are very viscous. Please do not use the supplied inlet oil during operation - it is too thin!

Why can't the pre-filled oil be used on our lathes and milling machines?
Lathes Milling machines

As a standard, our far east factories fill in oils which provide increased corrosion protection and better cleaning efficiency due to the sea air and the expected service life (overseas transport). Other manufacturers also do this for safety reasons because they cannot predict how long the machines will remain in stock. These oils have a limited lubricating effect and are therefore changed after the running-in period.

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