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4000 face masks organized!

We want to thank OÖNachrichten (local newspaper) for this article: Holzmann arranges 4.000 face masks from China to equip patients, docotors and employees of the Health Center Haslach. "Although we as a company are challenged to keep the business up and running as usual it is out of question to place our resources and connections at the disposal of health." Holzmanns' director, Daniel Schörgenhuber said. For meanwhile face masks are quite difficult to find, Thomas Peinbauer,doctor of Health Center says, they are glad for the rapid aid of Holzmann. (Summary written and translated by Holzmann)

Big up to our colleagues in China, thanks to the organizers and most importantly to Health Center Haslach, whose employees are giving everything for our safety.;art69,3246361