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woodworking - metalworking - sheet metal working - workshop equipment - accessories 

Proud of a 30 year history, we are able meet today’s demands of the DIY craftsman as well as those of the professional user with our broad and carefully selected range of products. We of course support you in finding the right product for your needs and your budget.

best price performance ratio

Our close cooperation with our production partners, the optimized-efficient processes and our business experience lead to an optimal price-performance ratio for you.

direct delivery to the customer - 1A after sales service - high availability thanks to a large warehouse

…are just some of our strengths with which we distinguish ourselves in the knowledge that more than just good products are needed for a satisfied customer. Our high-quality level of service is therefore taken-for-grantedness.

For questions and advice, please contact us within our business hours by phone, e-mail or face to face in our office.

contact persons

Service is important to us and in order you can put forward your concerns quickly and easily, we want to introduce you to your partner in all aspects!

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general management

Erich Humer

chief executive officer

DI (FH) Daniel Schörgenhuber

chief executive officer

sales management

field account manager

Ing. Josef Smutek

Czech and Slovakia

Jaime Cusido Catedra

France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco

Gabriella Kincses

France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco

in-house account manager

Harald Springer

English speaking market

Stefanie Sonnleitner

English speaking market

Monja Maria Schreiner

English speaking market

Irina Reinthaller

Russian speaking market

Yulexy Rodriguez Heredia

Spanish speaking market

after sales service / customer service

Tanja Höglinger

after sales service

Simon Schaubschläger

after sales services

Lukas Feldler

After Sales Service

Sandra Auberger

Assistance / Backoffice

Sandra Getzinger

Assistance / Backoffice

Magdalena Gahleitner

After Sales Service / Backoffice Key Accounts

technical service / mechanic

Thierry Focquaert


Stefan Buemberger

Franz Hörleinseder

Jürgen Keplinger

technical documentation

DI Richard Rauecker

head of technical documentation

DI Christian Pleschberger

technical editor

account department

graphics and marketing


Günther Feilmayr

warehouse management Haslach

Gabor Bodiss

vice warehouse management Haslach


The roots of HOLZMANN and ZIPPER are reaching back as far as into the year 1886. Back then Johann Schörgenhuber sen. with a very few employees frounded his smithery in Haslach.

A few years later Johann Schörgenhuber jun. took over the smithery from his father and started with the trading of various products too. The foundation for a successful trading company was thus laid.

About 30 years ago Klaus Schörgenhuber and his partner Erich Humer brought the trademark "HOLZMANN" to life and ventured with their woodworking and metalworking machinery the big step into the international market.

In 2008 Daniel Schörgenhuber and Gerhard Rad founded the Company "ZIPPER". The two brands were able to successfully establish themselves on the global market.

As of today, the corporate group is one of the global players in the field of machinery and workshop equipment.

The coordination and execution of business proceedings are carried out in different locations and countries.



A small production and forging workshop for agricultural products was established by Johann Schörgenhuber, sen.


Company takeover by Johann Schörgenhuber, jun.

The location was moved to the market place in 4170 Haslach.


Strategic company reorganization into a retail business with a repair shop.


Company takeover by Klaus Schörgenhuber.



Laying of the foundation stone for a wholesaling company by importing woodworking machinery from the former Czechoslovakia after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Trading partnership with Christine and Erich Humer from Heiligenberg. This resulted in an expansion of the product range with imported machines from Bulgaria, Italy and the Far East.



Establishing the trademark HOLZMANN by Erich Humer and Klaus Schörgenhuber. 


A new company building with a showroom and a warehouse was constructed in Schlüsslberg / Grieskirchen by Christine and Erich Humer.


Large warehouse expansion at the location Schlüsslberg / Grieskirchen.



Founding of our sales office in Prague (CZ) to better serve our Czech and Slovakian customers.


Foundation of the subsidiary ZIPPER MACHINEN GmbH by Erich Humer, Gerhard Rad, Klaus and Daniel Schörgenhuber.

Foundation of the subsidiary HOLZMANN CHINA LTD in Hong Kong for monitoring and quality control of our productions in China and Taiwan.


Disbandment of the own retail sector.

Full concentration on the expansion of the international wholesaling with the brands HOLZMANN and Zipper.

Construction of a nationwide dealer network with focus at Europe.

Opening of a selling agency in Valencia (ES) to better serve the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa and South America.


Foundation of the parent company HOLZMANN MASCHINEN GmbH by Erich Humer and Klaus Schörgenhuber.

Starting and expanding business with many well-known and global retail chains, mainly in German-speaking countries.


Huge warehouse expansion incl. repair shop at the location Haslach.


Complete conversion to a new IT / ERP system (SAP).


Retirement of Klaus Schörgenhuber. Daniel Schörgenhuber took over his place at the joint management with Erich Humer.

Rollout of our new website for HOLZMANN and ZIPPER.

Branch establishment in China (QINGDAO HOLZMANN INTL. TRADING CO., LTD.) for advanced quality assurance in the Far East and faster communication with the industrial premises.



Since October 2017 we have over 4.000 m² of additional storage space in Leipzig/Eisleben, the logistic stronghold of Germany. With this new warehouse we are expanding our supply availability (Holzmann Group now has 12.000 m² of total storage space!) and guarantee faster deliveries to our German customers.



Switching to SAP S/4HANA

After busy months, we are now happy to be able to work with the latest, future-oriented version of SAP (S/4HANA). Based on the in-memory database SAP HANA, the new version enables enormous reaction speeds and business processes in real time. S/4HANA paves the way for the ever-increasing digitalization as well as for innovations that will come in the future.

warehouse impressions

Project beekeeping

Did you know that our company logo is not just on our machines but also on honey glasses?

Beekeeping as balance

It all started with Daniel Schörgenhuber's interest in bees. He wanted to start beekeeping years ago himself, to reduce stress and to balance work. Since he does not only have a lot to do with his job, but he also often travels abroad, he soon realized that there is not enough time for it. Bees are sensitive beings and no machines, which can be switched on and off at the push of a button. You need a lot of time and the will to take the necessary responsibility.

But he never wanted to reject this idea and so the idea came to him to start everything as community project: He set up the bee colonies, the necessary equipment, and offered a 40-hour course for the interested held by a professional. Immediately 20 people were involved and the project began in summer 2015 with the first course unit.

The boxes were of course made with Holzmann machines - from our customer Herbert Grafeneder. In total, they are home to 10 colonies.

In 2016 the project threw the long-awaited yield for the first time and you can believe us, our "Mühlviertler" forest and blossom honey is damn delicious!


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